Why choose BMC Air Filters?

The original air filter from the factory is made of paper or foam. The main function is to protect the engine. 
Which the original air filter is thick, will reduce the air inlet pressure, thus reducing the efficiency of the engine 
But the BMC air filter helps increase the flow of air to flow better And provide fresh air

Up to 98.5%, allowing the engine to burn better Increase horsepower  

BMC filters are made from multiple layers of cotton filaments and coated with oil to help trap dirt. Synthetic substances or cleaners will help trap dust as small as the size of the filter media. 
Three cars can trap up to 7 microns of the smallest dust (equal to white blood cells), which is different from air filtration made from synthetic fibers such as plastic. The filter has a hole of 80 microns to help trap dust. That is equal to or larger than the said size (But can not filter sand because the sand size is 50 microns)  

Cotton fibers that are wider will allow air to flow better. And the air will pass through different layers of filter cloth containing oil or coating To Ensure that Will filter or trap all dust, dirt, from 7 microns up to 
full efficiency In addition, when compared to conventional filters, BMC air filters can be reused.By washing the filter with a unique filter formula of BMC which will last

Throughout the lifetime of the car

Currently, the BMC filter is the best filter for motorcycles. 
In the filtration of dirt and air flow as much as possible as well

    – can filter more air With increased horsepower

    – Guaranteed 1 million kilometers 
    – filtered by the top racers to choose from 

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