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Pirelli is a brand with a reputation for excellence in products. High-end tires and “Passions” in innovation With the roots of being Italian Distinct with quality rubber on the racetrack That can actually be used on the road Like the saying that “We sell tires that we use to compete. We compete with the tires we sell. In addition, Pirelli There are still tires that cover the car from 125-1200 CC

Austin racing

“We do not focus on large production numbers. But quality is most important”, the pipe Austin Racing has all the qualities. Manufactured with the best titanium And the same material in the production of aircraft exhaust Maximize the efficiency of your car in the test. Dyno Test can get more horsepower than other brands. In the same car

Outstanding with pipe welding techniques And the unique shape design And fierce voices indicate identity.


Matris, because safety is number one,  with nearly 40 years of experience in design and development.  Shock and flick for motorcycles  We are the first to innovate and develop. Outer tag for flick control And the important part is the speed sensitive system which is different from other flick of other brandsMake sure that Your driving safety Is the most important thing for us

Domino Racing

Domino Srl is a leading European company in the design and production of Equipment for motorcycles Which is the result of field research  The most modern is Suitable for motorcycles  All types of motorcycles, scooters Technology expertise and expertise in creating works for over 50 years together with the quality of the company has received UNI EN ISO  9001: 2008 certification.  You can be confident that the products from Domino Srl guarantee the highest strength and reliability.

BMC Airfilter

BMC air filter improves air circulation To flow better The engine therefore works better. In addition, it can be reused. By washing with BMC’s special type of detergent is used to prolong the life of the car. The filter is made of multiple layers of cotton and coated with oil to help trap dirt. The solution will help trap dust as small as the size of the filter media. Can trap the smallest dust up to 7 microns (equal to white blood cells) to filter dust better With additional horsepower guaranteed 1 million kilometers

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