Flick Matris is a flick that has a beautiful Italian design. Manufactured from titanium and using premium materials 
Dare to guarantee for 2 years, different from other brands in the market.

With almost 40 years of experience in design and development Shock and flick for motorcycles 
Be the first to innovate and develop Outer tank for cooling oil that expands when hot to cool down

And the important part is the speed sensitive system which is different from other flick of other brands 

Matris’s Speed ​​Sensitivity is different from other brands. It can work 100% even the minimum is 1
because it is a bearing hole system. Which no brand can do 100% since the beginning

Can be used with both on-the-road cars or those driving for the field.  

The advantage is that we can adjust the hardness of the flick by itself as appropriate for the use of the car owner. 

And because of the flick, Matris uses precision ball-hole adjustment. Can adjust up to 16 levels 

Which on the road use, we can only adjust 1-3 clicks, can use very smooth

When the car is forced, it will not shake hands. Because there is no need to adjust With the same flick and normal operation Don’t worry that if the car falls over, the flick will not work or the front wheels will float. Which, if used in other flicks, must be adjusted to make it hard before it works, but Matris’s drive is extremely comfortable.

2 years full warranty

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