Pirelli’s History

“We sell tires that we use to race. We race with tires that we sell.” Pirelli was born in Milan. Italy for more than 144 years (1872-2016) and excellence in the beauty of the tread And the features that pay attention to every detail that makes you intrigued because Pirelli has crossed the manufacturing process of an industrial system that focuses on quantity To become the tire design industry Which cares about the design to match the usage in the terrain that is suitable for the car in each brand Pirelli researches and develops formulas, ingredients and structures from both lab and racetrack, plus the selection of the highest quality raw rubber from Europe and Brazil. Making tires with excellent grip and maintaining the highest performance throughout the lifetime of the tire It also provides good response processing. Easy to control, precise MIRS: Cutting-edge manufacturing technology, which adopts Modular Integrated Robotized System, is a revolution in rubber production methods. Each tire is produced from the beginning to the completion by a single robot system that is in place. Instead of conveying tires that are in the production process from one machine to another

Pirelli has also been trusted to be a partner of a variety of car brands. With the performance of the tire, Pirelli is made into the world’s top SuperBike tires. All tires are wrapped in vacuum insulation so that the chemical in the rubber will not react with the air and keep at the proper temperature ( At about 25c ํ) without sunlight And regularly importing rubber every month These are things That we care for you Use the highest quality rubber Through our Pirelli tire service center at present, Pirelli has its own factory located in 13 countries around the world, but the factory that produces motorbike tires is produced in only 4 countries, China, Germany, Indonesia, Brazil, where Pirelli owns it. And has an engineering team from Italy to ensure that the quality of the tires is the same.

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